Anonymous Asked:
do you read or have you ever read bleachlists???


I enjoy reading their blog!

taydev said: oh i agree. i only know this bc my son reads them so it couldn’t be helped xD and i felt so happy that you finally got the huge amount of recognition you deserve! you kept at it and here you are with a ridiculously popular blog! go you :D

Oh, I didn’t know you had a son! How old is he?

Aw, thank you! I’m glad I kept at it too. It’s funny - the Bleach Lists blog was much harder to get started, but once it got going it took off in away ATLA lists just never did. I like the Bleach fandom a lot! :)

taydev Asked:
So I'm reading ATLA lists and there's a post where you thought the mystery of Zuko's mom wouldn't be revealed. Well it was revealed in the ATLA comic series recently and everything in the comics are canon. 100% backed by Bryke. Have you read them or heard about it? :)

I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the comics, so even though they’re canon, I’ve sorta avoided learning things. But I have heard about Zuko’s parents, and I’m not super pleased. :( 

I’m flattered that you’re reading ATLA lists, though! 

Thanks, scrolling thru now. Your followers increased a ton since bleachlists! Did you ever visit a forum called I hung out there a bit when I was in atla fandom :)

Yeah, I don’t think I ever got more than 150 follows on ATLA lists. And I only got one list request ever. There’s a reason I abandoned it for Bleach Lists. :) 

No, I never did any forums. I’m pretty bad at being on more than one website at a time….

This was fun to read! Thanks for answering :) and ATLA lists? *searches for blog*

You’re welcome! Thank you for sending me the questions! :)

And yup, it’s defunct now, but -

boos-clues Asked:
Is this how this number things works? I'm confused. Anyway, 134! So I can plan early for the next present. ;)

Yup, this is how it works!

Okay let’s try this again…. 134 (what I want for bday) - it’s so far away that I’m not really sure! Probably something Bleach-related. Or clothes so I don’t have to go shopping. Or dinner somewhere cool. ;)
nonochuu Asked:
Still on? 24 & 127! :)

Just barely! :)

24: Favorite style of clothing - I’m not really fashionable enough to have a style. My favorite thing to wear is pajamas - does that count? Or if you mean on other people then….mmmm…..trenchcoats

127: Met somebody famous? - I met Terry Pratchett! He came to a book signing. We got there like four hours early and were the second people in line. We got a picture with him and he signed a bunch of books. It was cool!

Anonymous Asked:
Now that I know you can read german: Ich mag deinen Blog, deinen persönlichen und Bleachlists ^^ bleib genauso wie du bist, denn du bist eine tolle Person =) I'm always getting too excited knowing someone can speak my language, sorry ^^

I-I’m really not very good at German I’m afraid. But with the help of google translate I say: thank you very much! :D

jonsei93 Asked:
Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people you see on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem <3

Oh, thank you!

1. I like that I’m organized.

2. I like that I’m lawful good in real life.